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30th August 2007

6:10pm: practiceing hiragana ひらがな

We're having a quick review quiz on hiragana tomorrow.  Pretty easy, I like the hiragana and learned it really quick last year.  It's the katakana that I can't seem to memorize... =^_^=
We played this and class and I thought it was awesome!  Thought you might like to study along with me! 
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28th August 2007

1:16pm: practiceing Japanese: 日、月、じ
I'm making typed out keys to study Japanese with.  So figured I'd post them so other people who might be interested can play along. :)
So here's some review of days of the week, dates of the months, months and other words related to time.
The first will be kanji (which I don't have all of), then the hiragana (fanetic) and then even the romanji.


Days of the Month


一日  つたち  tsutachi  1st

二日  ふつか  futsuka  2nd

三日  むっか  mukka  3rd

四日  よっか  yakka  4th

五日  いつか  itsuka  5th

六日  むいか  muika  6th

七日  なのか  nanoka  7th

八日  やうか  yauka  8th

九日  ここのか  kokonoka  9th

十日  とおか  tooka  10th

十一日  じゆういちにち  juuichinichi  11th

十二日  じゆうににち  juuninichi  12th

十三日  じゆうさんいち  juusannichi  13th

十四日  じゆうやっか  juuyakka  14th

十五日  じゆうごにち  juugonichi  15th

十六日  じゆうろくにち  juurokunichi  16th

十七日  じゆうしちにち  juushichinichi  17th

十八日  じゆうはちにち  juuhachinichi  18th

十九日  じゆうくにち  juukunichi  19th

二十日  はつか  hatsuka  20th

二十一日  にじゆういちにち  nijuuichinichi  21st

二十二日  にじゆうににち  nijuuninichi  22nd

二十三日  にじゆうさんいち  nijuusannichi  23rd

二十四日  にじゆうやっか  nijuuyakka  24th

二十五日  にじゆうごにち  nijuugonichi  25th

二十六日  にじゆうろくにち  nijuurokunichi  26th

二十七日  にじゆうしちにち  nijuushichinichi  27th

二十八日  にじゆうはちにち  nijuuhachinichi  28th

二十九日  にじゆうくにち  nijuukunichi  29th

三十日  さんじゆうにち  sanjuunichi  30th

三十一日  さんじゆういちにち  sanjuuichinichi  31st


Days of the Week


日曜日  にちよおび  nichiyoobi  Sunday

月曜日  げつよおび  getsuyoobi  Monday

火曜日  かよおび  kayoobi  Tuesday

水曜日  すいよおび  suiyoobi  Wednesday

木曜日  もくよおび  mokuyoobi  Thursday

金曜日  きにょおび  kinyoobi  Friday

土曜日  どよおび  doyoobi  Saturday




一月  いちがつ  ichigatsu  January

二月  にがつ  nigatsu  February

三月  さんがつ  sangatsu  March

四月  しがつ  shigatsu  April

五月  ごがつ  gogatsu  May

六月  ろくがつ  rokugatsu  June

七月  しちがつ  shichigatsu  July

八月  はちがつ  hachigatsu  August

九月  くがつ  kugatsu  September

十月  じゆうがつ  juugatsu  October

十一月  じゆういちがつ  juuichigatsu  November

十二月  じゆうにがつ  juunigatsu  December




ごご  gogo  p.m.

ごぜん  gozen  a.m.

いま  ima  now

なんじ  nan-ji  what time?

やすえ  yasue  rest/break

ひるやすえ  hiru-yasue  lunch time

ひる  hiru  noon

  -ji  hour/o’clock

ふん/ぷん  -fun/-pun  minute

いつ  itsu  when?

きょお  kyoo  today

あした  ashita  tomorrow

きのお  kinoo  yesterday

日  にち/よおび  nichi/yoobi  day

月  がつ  gatsu  month

さい  -sai  year

とき  toki  time

ときどき  toki doki  sometimes


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16th July 2007

3:40am: Japanese-style green tea ice cream online
I really love the internet for shopping--you can find anything in the world to buy.  And that's really cool for me since I like imports so much.
We're maybe going to do a sushi making day at Eddie's this next weekend, so I thought I'd look for some green tea or red bean ice cream.  I love them, but have never seen them around to just buy in the store.
Found green tea ice cream ready to ship to anywhere on the first Google result!  This interesting web site, icecreamsource.com, has tons of different sweets.  Didn't see red bean ice cream, which is my favorite of the two, but it may be there.
here's the 1 pint serving of the green tea ice cream.  You should really give it a try!

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3rd July 2007

8:34pm: kimono photos
I was feeling kinda artsy a couple nights ago, so I decided to take somewhat detailed pics of my kimono collection.  I have five, one is an exquisit wedding kimono.  They're all antiques, atleast 20 years old.  I don't really know much about them, though.  If anybody knows somehting, please share. :)
So enjoy some eye candy!

And here are some of me wearing the pink kimono.  I just felt like dressing up in it yesterday...no real reason!  It take's SO long to tie it and the obi, so may as well take some pics.

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23rd June 2007

12:14am: new hero comic characters
Okay, I have the two main characters for a new comic concept designed.
So basically this comic is in a world where super heors are paid on comission for their crime fighting services.  The story will focus on some clutzy young guy out of high school who has trained as a super hero (maybe through school, maybe through a family tradition situation, donno yet).  He'll have to go out into the real world and make something of him self.
I'll have him in some city setting, maybe living with friends or something in a small apartment.  He'll meet the chick super hero in the pic; she'll already be hired by the mayor to do whatever super hero work.  Somehow the guy will manage to get hired on as well.
The new, clumsy guy newbi and the kick ass martial arts expert chick hero will have a sorta comedy romance--you know, always argueing and hateing each other but actually having some unspoken feelings underneath.
Should be fun if I can stick with it. :)
Here's the characters so far:

The guy has thunder and lightening powers, which is why he wears the spiked metal wrist bands and collar.  They help inhance his conductivity.  The chick is all metal based; her sword, arm bracers, brass knuckels and toes of her boots are all lined with some sort of metal (not sure what yet) that makes them extreamly strong.  She can block attacks with only her bracers.  Her sword can cause "earthquakes".  Since she's metal and he's electricity, there's definately some chemistry, espically since he shocks her with even a slight touch!
Don't have names yet.  So oh joy, I get to spend forever thinking of some names again.  You know how well that goes for me...  Any ideas?
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20th June 2007

8:38pm: making birthday cards with InDesign

Dad's birthday is tomorrow.  Jes. and I were going to get him a pretty pair of Vans, since he actually told me a while back he wanted a new pair (his other ones I got him have worn out).  Couldn't decide on a pattern, so Jes. and I decided to let him make some custom Vans on vans.com.
So I made a "certificate" for him.  Just so we'd have something to give him tomorrow since he'll have to wait on the shoes.
I made it with InDesign.  I think I'm getting better with that program! :D

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5th June 2007

3:45pm: super cool new skirt

Yesterday I finally got this super cute skirt I've been wanting for a long while!  It was at this little speciality clothes shop that sells very good quality interesting pieces.  They only get about four of any given item, too, so that it remains a rareity.
Well, I saw this skirt that is so me in there about two months ago.  It was priced at about $130--WAY more than I was willing to spend on it.  One of the workers (who I guess is a co-owner) named Judy was friends with Angie, and kept knocking down the price of the outfit Angie wanted.  Judy really thought the skirt was cute for me *which it is*.
Finally, last week, she knocked the outfit Angie wanted from $250 to $50!!  Hell's yeah, that's awesome!  And she said she'd sell me the skirt for $45!  Woohoo!  So I got it!
It's so cute and weird!  Perfect for me.  It's two layers; the bottom layer is a regular, pleeted skirt with some bead-work at the him.  The top layer is like a cut pair of jeans wrapped around into a slit over-skirt.  The zipper and pockets are still on the slit and everything.  It has alot of colorful beads and a pretty silky ribbon for a belt.
Check it out!

I really like it!  And I got something that was over $100 for $45! :D

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1st June 2007

12:30am: what pet are you quiz
I love this one! I knew I'd be a cat! :D

You Would Be a Pet Cat

Independent and aloof, you don't like to be dependent on anyone.
And as for other people, you can take them or leave them. You often don't care.
You live your life by your own rules. And you have deep motivations that no one truly understands.

Why you would make a great pet: You're not needy or greedy... unlike other four legged friends.

Why you would make a bad pet: You're not exactly running down to greet people at the door

What you would love about being a cat: Agility and freedom

What you would hate about being a cat: Being treated like a dog by clueless humans
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30th May 2007

4:23pm: spooky comic idea
I've been really thinking about doing a new comic.  Like seriously trying to continue one and make it as close to professional quality as I can.  Since I have some of the Adobe software, I can really clean up the drawings and have a great looking page layout.  That is, if I can come up with a story and make time to do the tedious work...
But I kinda have an idea for a comic that might be interesting.  Something like a gothy'ish high school (or maybe young college, donno yet) girl who has sort of a sixth sense for parranormal occurances.
She wouldn't really have super-natural powers, more like she's just smart and intuitive.  I'd have the setting in some big city with lots of cultural neighborhoods (like a China town or German town, that sort of thing) so there could be lots of different ghost stories and creepy events from all over.  And she would try to "solve" the weird stories.  Like make the spirit that's haunting the area go away or disprove some funky monster tales.
I think I could make it fun!  Here's a simple drawing of the character I had in mind:

I haven't named her yet...  Not sure what sort of name.  It's a Western setting (for once), so something American.  And she's kinda emo'ish I guess, and aren't most emo names really plain?  Like "Emily Strange"...
So maybe the comic title could be "Supernatural __" or "__'s Spooky Parranormal Cases".  I guess I'll have to pick a name some time...
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23rd May 2007

10:43pm: anime costumes at CosPlayMagic.com

*high pitched geek squeel!!*  So awesome!  I found this web page, cosplaymagic.com, that I heard about on TV forever ago.  They sell all sorts of super cool anime and manga character costumes!!
I really love the InuYasha costumes!  I need a Kikyo costume--she's my favorite.  And they even have Japanese school girl costumes, which I've seriously always wanted.  I think I'd get the Kagome school uniform, just cause it's so super cute and simple!
Somebody should really sponsor me on this *cause they're freakin expensive =^_^=*...

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21st May 2007

3:34pm: Kooki Sushi
It's so cute!  I saw Kooki Sushi on Food Network forever ago, but never thought to look up the page.
Adorable little cookies and choclates made to look like sushi!  The little bento boxes of cookies are so awesome!
I have to try them!  But goddamn, why so expensive??  Cause they're all hand-made, I guess...  But they're probably worth it!  They look too pretty to eat!
Current Mood: hungry

20th May 2007

6:51pm: wearing kimono toons
I have a few lovely kimono and a set of ties so I can wear them as correctly as possiable, and some tabi socks and geta shoes sized a bit larger for Westerners.  But I donno...  I think I'm a bit off from proper kimono dressing...
I'm not so sure kimono were made for DD, large-sized American girls with size 8 feet.  I feel a little awkward in them... =^_^=
Donno what I mean?  Well here's how a kimono should sort of look...

And here's a little more how I feel in one...

Somehow, not quite as graceful. =^_^=
But I still love them, and will wear them whenever I can, even if it''s not quite proper!
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18th May 2007

10:02pm: why don't you have a boyfriend quiz
Heh, you guys need to take this one... I wanna see what you get. =^_~=

You Don't Have a Boyfriend Because You are Too Shy

When a guy gets to know you, he finds a great catch
Problem is... you're too shy for most guys to get to know.
From meeting someone to dating, you usually have your guard up.
And while you're just holding back, it makes you seem like you've got something to hide.
Current Mood: curious

15th May 2007

1:23am: tanuki trio
I drew some tanuki with humanish features suspiciously simular to the Pom Poko human-style animals.  I didn't know what to do with the three sketches, so I pasted them together with the kanji for "tanuki" and a frame.
You'll notice the two males have the humorusly larged testicles depicted in many Japanese tanuki artworks.  This is not a sexual referance--the real tanuki animal has enlarged testicles because of their territorial and competitive nature.  Japanese art and folk lore comically exaggerate the testicles as a risque, earthy sense of humor.  Some advanced shape-shifting tanuki can even transform their testicles into objects as well.


The tanuki on the left is drunk on sake as typical to the party-loving pranksters.  The middle tanuki in a traditional straw hat has a hell-bent glair.  Tanuki aren't particularly violent at heart, but they are war-prone when threatened.  The female tanuki on the right uses transformation magic to change a handful of leaves into a folding fan accessorizeing her kimono and hair.
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11th May 2007

10:09pm: are you like your mom quiz
Too bad we didn't get any time together as adults...

You Are Somewhat Like Your Mom

Believe it or not, you and your mom are pretty darn similar.
It may not seem like it at times, but you and your mom have a lot of common ground.
Over time, you'll probably get closer ... especially if you emphasize the things you like about each other.
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12:20pm: what's your life rated quiz
Heh, cute. I don't usually let myself watch rated R flicks too much anymore--they always have something really twisted in them today... =^_^=

Your Life is Rated PG-13

Your life isn't totally scandalous, but you definitely don't shy away from adult themes!
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2nd May 2007

11:28pm: Pee-Wee personality application

Hello there!
Super cute community!  I love Pee-Wee!  I even have the DVD's at home!  Wanna come over and watch em?
So, wonder who you think I am...

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12:00am: Goshu the Cellist *the whole movie!*
Aw, I love you Isao Takahata!
I was searching Google videos for some Pom Poko clips (yeah I know I have it on DVD, but I can put it on the computer if I want). I was trying to find some other funky tanuki stuff.
But Google pulled up this as well, Goshu the Cellist:


Ah, clever Google--that was also a Takahata film as Pom Poko was!
I'd never seen this one, though! It's so cute!
I wish I could play a musica instrument...!
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30th April 2007

10:14pm: tanuki-ga dai suki desu yo!
I'm thinking of writing and illustrating a children's story or manga about tanuki in a traditional Japanese folk tale style. But I'd like to maybe set it in the present instead of the usual futile era...
But not sure I could write something SO Japanese since I'm not. Maybe it'd almost be offensive... And anything I could write would be too close to Pom Poko anyway. :P
I love tanuki, though! They're so cute! i even saw there was a big tanuki festival going on in Japan, mostly focusing on the statues. There were lots of art and cultural seminars about how tanuki represent Japanese politics and cultural events with their quorky, risque humor. I never get to go to any cool stuff like that!
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27th April 2007

9:37pm: inner color quiz
This was a cute one.
I didn't think it fit me at first, but actually it sort of does. Espically with the romance and career part.

Your Inner Color is Green

Your Personality: You are a high acheiver who is very competitive. You're bound to reach your goals, no matter how lofty.

You in Love: Picky with high standards, it's hard to find your match. You need someone as driven as you are!

Your Career: You need a high profile, challenging career to satisfy you. Consider finance, sales, or running your own company.
Current Mood: cheerful

24th April 2007

7:11pm: Raven-manga sketch
Another in-class masterpiece. :P
Was sketching in my Media Law notebook...  Just a manga chick with long, black messy curles.  I named her Raven...

Current Mood: okay
1:23pm: ACMA Awards

Weeee!! I can now say I'm an "award-winning graphic designer"!
The Arkansas College Media Association does an award ceremony every year with all the college publications throughout the state. A board from out of the state judges the quality of the newspapers, year books, magazines and individual categories within all college publications.
Our Echo paper has apparrently always taken 2nd to ULRA's--but they seriously shouldn't even be in the same category, becasue their paper comes out four times a week, they have an advisor who doesn't do ANYTHING but the paper, and their editor gets like 6 credit hours and doesn't have to do anything else throughout the entire semester.
Well, we won this year! And UCA got the overall best college media/publication award, too!
But (argueably more important) our editor entered two of my ads for the Single Ad category.
And...I won 1st AND 2nd place! Woohoo! I make the best ads in the state colleges!!
Here are the ones taht won:

Second Place:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

First Place:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Isn't that awesome!? This was my first term to even USE PhotoShop, and I win for best college ads in the state!
I wonder if I would have won more if more ads were entered! :P
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22nd April 2007

2:26am: what kind of girl are you quz
*sigh* Very true, atleast about the guy part. :)

You are a Brainy Girl!

Whether you're an official student or a casual learner, you enjoy hitting the books.
You know a little bit about everything, and you're always dying to know more.
For a guy to win your heart, he's got to share some of your intellectual interests.
A awesome book collection of his own doesn't hurt either!
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18th April 2007

4:31pm: I got the job! and a million other ones, too! :O
I got the editing position! Woohoo! I'll be the Opinions Editor in the Fall, and probably still the ad designer, too.
Jesus! I have to do this big article for my Advanced Reporting about our new college "internet portal" URSA. Somehow the News section found out I was doing that, so now I have to get it to them for print (which, of course, means I cant do it crappy now)! Gaaha! I don't have anything done for it hardly at all and it's due FRIDAY!!
I've been calling everyone on my Facebook (oh, and it is random as fuck calling people you haven't spoken to since high school), asking, "hey, what do you think of the new URSA thing". Boo! It's not fun. But I HAVE to get quotes by Friday, and this is about the only way I can!
Plus, I've got ANOTHER paper due in that class Friday, another ANOTHER paper for that class for Monday, a sorta-paper for the paper (as part of our journal), need to edit my Non-Fic class geisha article and get in the photo captions, AND a project for Online Journalism that I haven't even touched due next Thursday! It's a presentation! Oh joy... Oh, and not to mention all the editor meetings, ad department meetings and bull shit homework I have to do along the way!!
AHHHHH!!! Why do they do this to us at the end of the year!!!??
Current Mood: frantic!

16th April 2007

10:14pm: Blah, I think I'm getting sick. I've been seriously dragging ass since yesterday. Like all I wanted to do was sleep, and even though I slept during all my spare time, I'm still super groggy and tired. So annoying!
Everybody in the newsroom seemed to have some sort of illness, too. Boo! I guess I might have caught something.
And it's espically annoying to get sick or feel under the weather now becasue of all the MOUNDS OF CRAP classes pile on us in the last three weeks! I've got so much shit to get done! There's no way I'll get it all, or atleast in good quality.
Current Mood: sick
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